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For the past two years, mentorship has had over 900 participants from 40+ countries. Throughout the program, mentees went on to work on some of the top projects in the space, launch their own companies, and more.

Finding direction within any space can be intimidating, and this presents a unique opportunity to ideate and grow. Mentees have the opportunity to ask questions, bounce off ideas, and seek direction. Mentors provide guidance, learn from fresh perspectives, and serve as an anchor.


May 2021
Signups (open until May 23rd)
Jun 7th 2021
Matches sent out
Nov 14th 2021
v3 batch concludes
​If you have any questions, please email mentorship@she256.org


Any female identifying individual can participate as a mentee.
Anyone can participate as a mentor.
Sign-ups are currently closed for our second iteration of mentorship (2019-2020). Signups will re-open in Nov 2020. You can fill out the interest form above and sign up for our mailing list to keep updated.
Check out this medium article on some of the pairs from the first batch of mentorship: https://medium.com/she-256/spotlight-on-our-inaugural-she256-mentor-mentee-pairs-f87399f2533

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