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All our company partners have posted all of their open positions on the she256 job board and they're looking out for you! Sort by company size, location, functional role, etc. When you apply, make sure to specify that you're coming from she256.

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For the women, nonbinary people, and URM in our community only. Share your resume and what you're looking for in a private database shared with our company partners.

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Search for the company name, and say hi to their Discord rep! They're waiting to hear from you! If you have any questions, feel free to message @Kristie Huang | she256 on Discord.

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Help make crypto more diverse and inclusive for all.

At she256, we fundamentally believe that blockchain technology will shape our future financial and governance structures, and as such it’s crucial that those building these systems are representative of the global, diverse population which they intend to serve.

Are you building a company in the blockchain space? More diverse teams bring more diverse solutions to the table and tend to outperform less diverse ones — but we didn’t need to tell you that.

Become a career company partner

  • Post on a job board that automatically scrapes your career page to update open positions
  • Access to a resume database of women, nonbinary people, and underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities in crypto in our 5k+ strong community
  • Get connected to a network of promising applicants before you’re even ready to hire
  • As always, posting access in the #jobs-and-careers Discord channel
  • No cost to you
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Resources on how to build diverse and inclusive workplaces

Frequently requested; currently in progress.

  • TBA!

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